Vaping In The Workplace: Are there any rules?

¬†There’s quite a bit of discussion going on these days about the effects of vaping, not only for vapers themselves, but also the people they come into contact with on a daily basis. For the vast majority of us this has had an impact at our places of work. There are always at least two sides to every story, and when it comes to vaping, both employers and employees have much to say. There’s more room for understanding than turning this into an unnecessary debate.

From a vaper’s perspective we should always behave in the most befitting manner and at work this is no exception. Many employers feel the need to restrict, or worse – totally ban the use of vaping devices in the workplace, particularly larger vaping tank models that may appear quite extreme compared to a slim e-cig. Our job should therefore be to create as much awareness as we can about vaping so we can break down the negative attitudes toward vaping in general.

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How To Vape At Work

There is an unwritten etiquette all us vapers have to observe and it’s critically important that we never take this lightly especially at work. As it goes with the smoking of cigarettes, vaping should never be done while inside the premises where you work.

Aside from trumping on about the benefits of vaping to others, consider that it’s not enough to prove that vaping is not harmful as compared to cigarette smoking. It is probable that people where you work may not actually like the smell of your vapor no matter how delectable it may be to you.

The flipside of this argument is when vapers who are actively trying to be free of smoking have little choice but to vape in the vicinity of smokers. Doing so makes it harder for the vaper to keep focused on the goal of completely staying away from cigarettes. It also means vapers are susceptible to secondary smoke all over again.

Employees who are vapers should avoid congregating unnecessarily as this creates the wrong impression right off the bat. Your workplace is not the arena where you get to show off your device with a fellow vaper. Instead respect other vapers like yourself and allow them the freedom of choosing when and how they vape.

An all important modicum all vapers should apply is avoiding telling people why they should vape. Work is hardly the place to start canvassing for vaping among smokers, and your employer will never appreciate the time you steal to do this. Even if you mean well your behaviour might come across as harassment. Always remember not every smoker wants to quit so leave them be. At work always act responsibly, and vape accordingly.

Tips For Employers

Do not be alarmed if you have seen some of your workers sporting vaping devices recently. This is a trend which is likely to continue as time goes on. In fact vaping devices have to date proven an effective method for those trying to give up smoking. As an employer you can appreciate the attempt made by your employees to better themselves by improving the state of their health.

If you already provide health insurance to your workers this could no doubt lead to tremendous monetary savings for your company as more employees switch over to vaping.

In addition to reducing the dependence on nicotine, the benefits of quitting smoking are well known and self explanatory. A positive attitude towards health improvement is welcome at any company.

Employers should be open to the idea of allowing vapers their own designated areas, outside of course, but protected from cigarette smoke. Be encouraged by the fact that secondary vapor is totally free from the harms associated with cigarette smoke.

Why not write your own company policies which are accommodating to vapers? Vaping can play a significant role in improving the environment of your company. It does away with all the unpleasant aspects of smoking which we all know too well.

No more nasty smells and burn stains in the office. How about less pollution from fewer cigarette butts lying around? These are just a few of the many benefits your company can accrue from supporting staff members who are trying to quit smoking.