The Benefits of Live Migration

Live migration has changed the face of application maintenance and has given power to the administrator to upgrade and update their virtual machines with no effect at the user end. When you think about live migration it is important to consider live migration and how we benefit as the closer you look into the subject, the more bonuses there are to this technology.

Live migration allows a virtual machine to be moved from one physical host to another with no disturbance to the end user. This allows virtual machines to be upgraded and updated while continuously powered-up meaning there is no downtime, which is an ever-growing important part of modern society.

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The way the world works means that if an application or site is down for mere minutes this can result in a large amount of lost income. Whether it’s products, a service or something else the app is offering, time is vital and second can quickly stack up when it comes to routine maintenance. That is where live migration comes into play and one of the biggest reasons it is so popular today.

Not only does live migration mean that it is possible to run routine maintenance with relative ease but it means you can be proactive about fixing problems before they arise. If an imminent failure is looming then using live migration allows the administrator to fix this problem before a catastrophic failure happens. Doing this before anything breaks makes it easier to maintain a healthy outlook for the end user.

In terms of live migration and how we benefit the one thing that constantly comes to mind is how things look to the consumer. At the end of the day business is run by what consumers use and enjoy and if your service is down for any matter of time then it means the customer cannot use it and this can have massive repercussions for your business further down the line. The benefits are passed onto both the administrator who isn’t losing out on business and on the customer who is always able to access the application.

There are also benefits in the sense that live migration can be used for load balancing where a workload is shared between more than one computer. This allows the user to have a smooth and free-flowing time on the application while the computers doing the work are under less strain and reducing the chance of failure or breakage.

Looking at live migration and how we benefitis both fascinating and makes a lot of sense. The amount of work that using live migration saves and the fact that there is no down time for the user means the benefits are substantial for all involved. Both user and administrator benefit from the use of live migration to share the work load, update applications and reduce the risk of failure in virtual machines.