Some Of The Social Networking Sites To Propagate Your Brand

Some Of The Social Networking Sites To Propagate Your Brand

Social media have become indispensable in the everyday life of most people: regardless of whether it is Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Whatsapp, almost every one of those 12 to 60 years has one of these apps on their PC or smartphone – which is also the main criticism of the opponent’s social media. But what about them is so interesting and who uses them?

The Individual Networks in Comparison

The Top Dog Facebook

With 28 million users, Facebook is far ahead of all other services except Whatsapp and Youtube. Almost everyone has an account on the platform, which makes them almost as popular as Google. Most users between the ages of 14 and 65 use Facebook as an all-rounder platform to read messages, stay in touch with friends and family, or chat through the messenger. Still, others are inactive or just play the free games like FarmVille or Candy Crush Saga. For example, my friends and I don’t actually use Facebook, and then only to chat with someone who can be reached on Facebook or to use the free games and apps. Otherwise, we communicate via other social platforms.

The Public News Service Twitter

The “public short message service” Twitter is almost as well-known as Facebook, but does not make its breakthrough to count itself to the “elite”. One reason for this is that the business model isn’t yet fully developed. In Germany, Twitter is mainly used in the B2B sector, for example by news junkies, politicians, and specialists from industries. Twitter loses, in my opinion, reach as it continues to deviate from its original idea of being a public SMS app. Originally, Twitter forced its users to be brief by limiting the tweets to 140 characters. However, this limit was extended from Twitter to 280 characters per tweet on 08.11.2017, as the pressure from other networks and users grew.

Become a Photographer, on Instagram

Instagram is an app that lets you share pictures with your followers. From landscape pictures to selfies and pictures of animals, everything is included.

The app has a similar design to Snapchat in image design and with its new feature, the story that vanishes after 24 hours, the Snapchat app gets closer, but still has its own charm, in that the pictures posted normally for everyone commentable and visible. So I can better express myself and leave my creativity in my opinion. So I and my friends use the app instead of Snapchat to take photos of landscapes, food or selfies, we sometimes buy real Instagram likes for some of our uploads.