Reasons To Make Your Home Smart

Reasons To Make Your Home Smart

Programming your washing machine and the remote control of your TV, that’s home automation! And thanks to this technological innovation, you can make your house “smart”.

The smart home, or connected home, uses technology to facilitate the daily lives of its inhabitants while respecting the environment. Everyone can, thanks to home automation, make their housing comfortable and secure to protect their home from intruders, their children from accidents of life or even achieve great energy savings.

A House Protected From Intruders

If a simple audible alarm is sometimes not enough to deter burglars, clever solutions exist, and home security can set up a real defense plan.

Depending on the needs (departure for holidays, weekends, nights), you anticipate scenarios: burglary, degradation of the garden, nocturnal revelers, etc. The necessary equipment is installed to respond to these scenarios: shutter closing, automatic watering, programmed lighting, etc. This can simulate your presence to discourage intrusions or trigger remote monitoring when you decide.

The presence detection camera can generate an alert on a security service or even on your laptop, thanks to new applications: it is video surveillance. You are informed in real time and remotely if someone is trying to enter your home. You can then call a security company or the police.

A House Adapted To Your Old Age

More and more companies are looking to help seniors and people with reduced mobility stay at home. For this, they anticipate the problems that people with loss of autonomy have and implement appropriate technological solutions to facilitate their daily lives and that of their caregivers.

This goes through :

  • Adequate facilities: medical bed, bathtub with door, stair climber; sensors to make the environment very practical (motion detectors for example), or to detect a malfunction or a fall and to alert loved ones, new applications for ordering meals, services and home care, manage the whole house thanks to a centralized control for all the domotics.
  • Good To Know: most seniors prefer to stay at home rather than move to a nursing home.

A Low Energy Using House

Technology and communication allow programming of multiple devices in your home:

  • The Heating: it triggers an hour before arrival, and off when you leave.
  • The Lighting: timer and motion sensor avoid oversights. You can check out Crestron lighting control.
  • The Watering: the intelligent automatic irrigation is the most efficient. Programmed at night, the water does not evaporate, the plants are not scorched by the sun,and you sleep soundly! This programming saves energy and therefore money.

A Home Protected From Domestic Accidents

No one is safe from a fall, a cut, a poisoning or a burn, or a fire. Children are unfortunately the first victims of domestic accidents.

The smart home can limit risks by integrating: smoke detectors, the detectors of carbon monoxide, alarms to trigger oneself when needed (PMR, for people with reduced mobility), motion detectors with an alarm connected to the smartphone of your loved ones, remote surveillance cameras (for children or dependent persons).

Equipped with many sensors and alarms, the smart home can identify any potentially dangerous malfunction.