Pump Alignment is Crucial to Your Vessel

Pump Alignment is Crucial to Your Vessel

If you want to reduce the wear and tear on your vessel, pump shaft alignment is necessary. Our industry-standard laser alignment system can help keep your pump shaft couplings and motor drive shafts from vibrating. This can keep them in better condition over the longer term and help prevent breaking down. Laser pump alignment is fast and accurate, and the system is easy to use.

When you have correct pump alignment, vibration levels are reduced. Also, you’ll see more time between instances of failures. Over time, you’ll have lower maintenance costs as well. Just this alone makes taking time out of your schedule to ensure pump alignment is done is worth the effort.

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You will also see a reduction the amount of energy consumed with correct pump alignment and an increase in production quantity.

The laser pump alignment system is precise and easy to use. It has a backlit color LCD screen. When you’re using it in direct sunlight, you can still easily view the screen. The screen is actually a touchscreen that allows for simple navigation. The Omniview feature is a gyro-assisted system that shows you a view of the coupling from the viewpoint of the user, which cuts down on the chance of adjusting the incorrect mounting.

Animations on the screen and icon help guide users to do the alignment process successfully. The fixtures are attached already, which means you can attach lasers right to the shaft, thus avoiding difficult and time-consuming assembly.

The laser technology is the Digital CCD laser technology. It features 30 mm laser detectors and line-laser technology. This just about gets rid of your having to do rough alignment checks, which can waste a significant amount of time and effort.

Another great feature is the simplicity of USB ports that allow you to move measurement data to your computer. You don’t need any extra software or printers. When the shafts are turned, Express Mode automatically identifies 3 measurement points.

This system doesn’t require much training to learn how to use, so it is great for workers who only do alignments from time to time. Most users can get alignment measurements in fewer than five minutes.

Another of our systems offers pump alignment for offset drives and cardan shafts. Cardan shafts provide a great way to transmit power when you can’t put two machines in line. However, offset mounted cardan driven machines do require alignment, even though most people seem to think that they do not.

This causes vibrations up and down the drive chain and also the chance that damage will occur. The offset fixtures, along with our main laser alignment system, allows you to set up quickly without having to use the display unit. The inclinometers indicate precisely where the lasers go. The pictures guide users to a quick result and alignment.