Protect your data from malware

Protect your data from malware

Growing businesses are always under ultimatum, in old times there were pirates and thieves while in modern time, there are hackers. As the businesses are depending more upon computers the technology is also progressing in the right way and in the wrong way both. There are some hackers that don’t even let you know that your system is being hacked when they copy confidential information of your company and sell it to their clients. If you are associated with the e commerce market then it is a direct threat that can make you helpless if any malware gets into your system. That is why you must take proper precaution for that. You can go to the ECS for securing of your data.

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Malware and its type

Malware are basically the software that are categorized as the danger to the IT sector. Malware can fully be called as malicious software which includes viruses such as Trojan horse, worms, ransom ware, adware, spyware, computer virus, scare ware and more. These are executable programs that run when with specific commands associated with some programs that you run daily for some purpose. Some common types of malware are mentioned below:

Worm: A worm is a malware type that infects other computers while remaining on the active computer. A worm duplicates itself and spreads throughout the network. It remains hidden from the users while affects the operating system in the background. This can slow your computer down and if it is not detected then it can also corrupt the operating system of your computer. Then it may result in loss of precious data and also loss of valuable time.

Trojan horse: It might seem inappropriate to many people to call Trojan horse a virus because it is like a virus but it does not duplicate itself but still remains hidden. It is generally made attached to email attached documents and gets activated when you click download button. This malware transfer information from your system to other computer. It is hard to scan ,that us why you must prefer a good network security company.