Learn about the Do’s And Don’ts Of  Typography

Learn about the Do’s And Don’ts Of  Typography

The major element of every page or website is the text. Therefore, it is important for web designers to be well versed with the basic concepts of effective typography. Possession of such knowledge will help the designers to communicate with the readers more effectively. But for beginners who have just started out with this profession here, are some do’s and don’ts of typography that you need to keep in mind. For brief, see : www.jeffbullas.com/17-tricks-for-boosting-conversions-on-any-landing-page/.

The Do’s And Don’ts of Typography

This list of do’s and don’ts will not help you to have a clear concept about the subject, but you can also use these points as guidelines to work on your future projects.

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The Do’s:

  • Do create a typographic hierarchy. Various methods such as weight, size, contrast, and color can be used to establish typographic hierarchy. The main purpose of establishing a typographic hierarchy is to give a structure to the page and guide the readers through the content of the page.
  • Do select an appropriate font for thecontent body because it’s all about legibility.
  • Do maintain proper spacing between two given fonts and lines so, that it’s easier for the reader to read it.

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t select the size of the font too small after all; not everybody has 20-20
  • Do not use too many different styles of thefont on the same page.
  • Do not make use of all caps in a continuous stretch because most people do not feel comfortable reading content in all caps; rather it’s harder to read it.

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