How you can use Facebook to achieve your fundraising goals

Of all social media networks Facebook is probably the most powerful one when it come to promoting your crowdfunding India campaign. So if you’re not already exploiting every promotion opportunity on Facebook, then it’s time you get started. Knowing how to use Facebook is easy, but to use it to optimize your crowdfunding India campaign requires a few tactics.

We’ve listed them out to make it easier for you.

Create a campaign page

Create a campaign specific page details your cause for a potential donor. There are many types of pages one can create – artist page, organization page, personal page etc. Select the right one during the time of creation, so that you can reach the networks that are already established for your cause.

Build a network

Build your network by sharing your page link in other charity and philanthropy groups. It is best to engage with supporters extensively before your campaign goes live. Use features such as Facebook live for greater engagement. Post regularly, and give detailed information about your initiative. Ask existing supporters to help you spread the word. Exposure is key!

Have call-to-action buttons

Have a ‘donate’ and ‘share’ button that leads one to the donation page. These should be at the top, as well as at the bottom of the campaign page, as they actually encourage people to take action immediately.

Post regularly

Facebook has the facility to schedule timely posts, that will go up automatically. This is a great feature to help a campaigner be regular with posting updates on the campaign. Analyze your audience and schedule the posts at a time when the majority is expected to browse Facebook.

Create engaging and audience specific content

Every audience is different. The content you put out should be relevant and engaging for your target market. If you’re aiming at a younger and upbeat audience, have a friendly and enthusiastic tone. If you’re aiming at a sincere and older audience, then have a more formal tone. In both cases it is important to be informative.

Use audio and visuals

Visuals are a great tool to grab attention and maintain it. Not everyone is going to spot scrolling to read a lot of text. Campaigner must accompany posts with pictures, videos, GIFs etc. You need to make your page visually appealing enough for a person actually stops to see what you have to say.

Create an event

Online crowdfunding can be used to promote your offline fundraising activities as well. [If you’re having an event, create a page for it and invite your entire friend list. Urge them to share and invite others as well.

Have Facebook contests

Facebook contests are a great way to engage your supporters, as well as gain more of them. Through referral contests you can spread the word among varied networks. You can always incentivize these contests with small rewards such as invites to an event, free samples, tax exemptions, and campaign merchandize.

Leveraging Facebook for any kind of venture, be it a product, a service, or a social cause, has been time-tested and proved to be a great tool in helping organizations reach their fundraising goals. Remember that as long as your cause will have a positive impact on society, you shouldn’t hesitate to be aggressive with your Facebook promotions. But the first step is to launch your campaign on Impact Guru’s crowdfunding India website, so get started now!