HostWithLove Web Hosting Review : My Web Hosting Experience!

HostWithLove Web Hosting Review : My Web Hosting Experience!

HostWithLove is a Singapore based international web hosting service provider and is revolutionising the web hosting field, by creating a lucrative platform for all websites and blogs. HostWithLove was founded in 2012. They provide a range of hosting services keeping on par with the finest industry regulations and standards. HostWithLoveprovides a simplified hosting platform for the users and also offers personalized support available 24/7.

Experienced staff with varied knowledge pertinent to server related issues is available and also enables migration from one web hosting to another. So, whether you are a tyro with little to no technical knowledge or a pro tech-savvy, HostWithLove is one of the finest hosting solution for getting yourself launched online.  Today, I will share my personal experience with HostWithLove in this detailed hosting review. Let’s proceed with it!

HostWithLove Hosting Review

HostWithLove was found in 2012, headquartered at Singapore.HostWithLove offers hosting solutions in a total of 9 locations across 4 continentsand has already earned goodwill for being a trustworthy, efficient web hosting service provider, entrusted and acknowledge by customers. Expert staff and 24/7 support teams, providing assistance with all sort of server issues, has add up to the company’s perks. HostWithLovespecializes in web hosting, e-commerce hosting, small business, 24/7/365 customer service support, hosting server migration, dedicated server, reseller hosting.

HostWithLove has pretty much revolutionised the web hosting industry by coming up with lucrative and mind boggling plans. This hosting server has a variety of hosting services according to the wants and needs of the customers, and also at par with industry standards. HostWithLove provides server migration, and guarantees a 99.9% uptime round the clock. One of the most important features of a good web hosting server should be a maintained uptime; otherwise the whole point of getting yourself online becomes futile. A site which is not easily accessible to anyone for the first time is not likely to draw much traffic, or earn any recognition and revenue for that matter. Hence, HostWithLove is the hosting server to be online.

The company makes standard and customised hosting solutions for any type of website of business ventures. The company is at its best in providing an array of hosting products which includes domain name, shared hosting. SSL certificate, CMS hosting, dedicate servers, eCommerce hosting etc. And the company is at its constant attempt to innovate, improvise and deliver a better hosting with time. Up-to-date products and services is something that gives the company an edge over other web hosting ventures in the market, at affordable prices.

HostWithLoveHosting : Plans & Features

HostWithLove comes with an array of lucrative features, which gives the company an edge over its competitors and an amazing web-hosting platform for all kinds of business ventures and any individual owner of a website or bloggers. The Web hosting features are as follows:

  • CloudLinux Operating System:CloudLinux ensures efficient use of server resources and increased server stability. This prevents an abusive user or malfunctioning script on the server from causing your website to be slowed down.
  • Free Website Transfer: If you are moving from another hositng provider, HostWithLove will transfer your account for free. Just sit back and relax as they take care of all the work for you!
  • LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server: Litespeed Web Server is up to 9 times faster than Apache Web Server and processes PHP 50% faster. Litespeed Web Server fully supports .htcacess, mod_rewrite, and everything else that Apache Web Server is well known for.
  • MariaDB: MariaDB is an enhanced drop-in replacement for MySQL which was developed by the original developers of MySQL. MariaDB has greater database performance more advanced features and complete backward compatibility.
  • PHP Selector: HostWithLove servers support PHP versions 5.2, 5.3,5.4,5.5,5.6 and 7.0. You can select which PHP version you want to use directly from your control panel.
  • R1Soft CDP Backups: HostWIthLove uses R1soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to backup all accounts’ data once daily to store for 30 days on a remote server. This ensures that data is always kept safe in the unlikely event of a server problem.
  • 24/7 efficient customer support: HostWithLove trains their in-house staffs to pay attention to the most minute details and to explain things in a manner you will understand.
  • Get a hosting solution according to your needs: A web hosting package that does not match your needs can be customized exactly meeting the criterions if your needs.

So all you require in a web host provider is there are your disposal.

-> HostWithLove Hosting Plans 

HostWithLove provides an array of plans to choose from, suiting industry standards and customer need. HostWithLove supports customer cPanel hosting which is the most extensively utilised control panel on Linux servers. This is one of the main reasons why all the shared hosting are furnished with cPanel for the smooth running and functioning of website and account management. cPanel enables management of website files, databases, folders, creating email accounts, maintaining domains  and sub-domains and other shopping carts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupla, Magento, OSCommerce, Zencart and many more. You just need to own one package plan and HostWithLove provides a multi-domain function, where you can host as many sites under one domain.  The company also offers Softaculous auto installer tool which is available within the cPanel control panel.

The hosting packages are preconfigured with MySQL ,LiteSpeed, PHP, and various other necessary components. All clients get a free SSL certificate which is private and also an option to add dedicated IP, which is offered at an extra cost.

HostWithLoveHosting : Pros & Cons


  • Diverse Locations Of Data Center Throughout The Globe

The fact that some of the websites tend to load faster than the others is due to it comprising of diverse server locations. For example, when someone sitting in Miami wishes to access the site, then it becomes a lot more efficient for having the site been hosted on single server in the own country when compared to another sitting on distant side of the globe. HostWithLove has the globe offered with the help of international servers. Hence the site is up while running at huge speed. It no longer matters where you access the site from.

Apart from comprising of diverse locations, it further has power systems of multi-tier along with continuous security. The presence of multiple servers caters to the customers present throughout the country.

  • Hosting Support Available 24/7

The ordeal to avail a hosting provider is much more than the hunt with cheapest rates. It also includes availing the one providing superior support. Disaster can strike any moment and for these times, all you need is a powerful customer support. HostWithLove offers just that and it is offered for about 24/7 hours a day. Through varied methods, it has got you covered during crisis.

  • Great Pricing Plans

It is extremely tough to avail a premium hosting company offering consistent support, uptime along with reliability. HostWithLove stands apart from the crowd and offers great pricing plans that offer a win on win situation for the users.

  • Server Uptime

HostWithLove has been seen guaranteeing about 99.9 percent uptime. Not only are they guaranteeing it, but are also doing extremely well to keep up with the words. The servers get installed with extremely high level security along with power backup. This is done so that they do not go down for a second even.


There are hardly any cons that are noticeable due to the wide array of positive features and great services it offers. You can further read through and get to know about the hosting services they offer.

HostWithLove 24/7 Stellar Customer Support

Customer service or technical support is the backbone of the company. The company is focused at providing a round-the-clock customer assistance, to solve any kind of query. HostWithLove comprises of a team of experienced experts, who are well equipped and aware of the functioning of web hosting industry and management, and consistently strives to deliver the best. The staff is not only pro-active in resolving matters without a redundant wait, but also are committal in providing all skilled level services, regardless of the fact that the customer is a beginner or a tech savvy person. HostWithLove prioritises smooth running of the websites and efficient management of clients.

To create a trustworthy environment, keeping in mind that customers implicitly demand value for money, HostWithLove have created an array of services with leading industry features and also 24/7 onsite support around the year, ensuring proper functioning of your website. Data is the most integral part of any company’s operations. Given the increase in volume and significance, assistance from a well-known service provider pertinent to server management, tracking and maintaining data and a managed infrastructure is of absolute importance. HostWithLove’s outstanding server management and infrastructure management services give the most effective and efficient solution, ensuring business continuity and high availability.

The server management of HostWithLove facilitates the organizations to focus more on their core business, while the technical support team takes care of the IT infrastructure management.  The team of system administrators helps in managing the server and provide round the clock support. HostWithLove comprises a set of experts who are constantly at their best to make sure of the smooth functioning of your website, that it is up and running 24/7. The technical team helps organization and business ventures to evaluate their computing needs, and they suggest technologies which are most apt according to different enterprise needs and suitability. HostWithLove provide a range of exclusive services like industry standard solutions, growth capacity; suggest preventive measures and maintenance, system management and monitoring.

HostWithLove 45 Days Moneyback Guarantee.

HostWithLove offers a 45 Days Moneyback Guarantee which is well above the average money back duration most hosting companies offer. This gives you more time to evaluate their services. In addition, it also shows their confidence in the web hosting service they offer. It is easy to obtain a refund! They do not resort to unscrupulous methods like some hosting providers in order to get you to stay. In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any aspect of their service and wish to utilize the money back guarantee, simply submit a Billing Ticket and they will process it for you straight away. Also, they will wish you best of luck with the next hosting provider. However there are certain exceptions you have to take note that will not be refunded such as:

Account Transfers- $1 per account past $30;
Dedicated IP Address- $2.50;
Domain – $12 or whichever pricing the domain’s TLD is priced at;
ClientExec License – $6
WHMCS License (Branded) – $8;
WHMCS License (Unbranded) – $13;

Shall I Buy HostWithLove Hosting?

HostWithLove has proved its worth at being one of the finest web-hosting companies, providing cutting edge services and the premium of infrastructural management and an around-the-clock expert assistance channel. One of the most lucrative features of the services provided by HostWithLove is cPanel hosting. cPanel hosting is highly demanded and one of a kind hosting solutions in and around the world. The kind of ease and control that cPanel brings had been inimitable up until now in the industry. If anyone is looking for fast and smooth cPanel hosting at affordable prices, HostWithLove offers the best hosting solutions-easy to handle and operate with, fast and equipped with industry standard software, and guaranteed uptime. More reasons to choose HostWithLove over any other web hosting company are stated as follows:

Multi-location server operation: HostWithLovehas centres in Amsterdam, Brazil, Chicago, Dallas, India, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Orlando and UK thus providing the liberty to choose from a location, to host a site.

Efficient Uptime: Proven 99.9% uptime except only during maintenance time. HostWithLove uses the most efficient and branded hardware to power its data centres.

Instant setup-: HostWithLove provides an automatic hassle-free setup, as soon an order is placed and purchased. Get up and go online in no time.

HostWithLove has many other perks and is a highly demanded web hosting server in the recent times.

Yes! Go For It