Extract contents of b6z file

Extract contents of b6z file

B6Zip extracts the archived contents of b6z into the current folder, preserving the attributes and timestamps of each file. B6Zip can extract files from your local system or files from an external URL.

If a file exists with the same name, B6Zip overwrites it, if the file is not read-only. The hidden, system, and archive attributes are not set.

B6Z’ed (compressed) files take up less storage space and can be transferred over email and the internet more quickly than uncompressed.

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Combine several files into a single b6z’ed folder to more easily share a group of files.

Some types of files, like JPEG images, are already highly compressed and the size of the b6z file will be about the same as the original collection of pictures.

To compress a file or folder with B6Zip:

Locate the file or folder you want to compress into b6z archive.

Drag files into B6Zip application icon and a window will appear asking for compression parameters.

Choose the final filename you would like as the archive name.

To uncompress a b6z file:

Make sure that B6Zip is installed.

Locate the b6z file and double click on the file, the contents of the b6z will be extracted to the current directory.