Choosing an Enterprise Chatbot For Your Business

Choosing an Enterprise Chatbot For Your Business

Consumer-based chatbots have generated a lot of hype in the past few days. A multitude of brands has now adopted this new technology for sales, marketing, and customer care purposes. However, many are missing the various ways chatbots can be adopted because most businesses are focusing on consumer chatbots. Emerging conversation business platforms, through enterprise chatbots, are making it easy for large organizations to change and adapt.

There is a growing number of enterprises looking to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbots to drive enhanced customer experience, labor efficiencies, and cost savings throughout their businesses. To achieve that, you need to make sure that you choose a proper chatbot platform for your business. This will ensure that you have a cost-effective, scalable, and intelligent solution to manage the dialogue between customers, staff, and your back-office software.

Getting the Right AI Chatbot for Your Enterprise

When looking to acquire a chatbot solution for your business, you will be met by hundreds of provides all claiming to provide the smartest solution. Only a few of them will meet the specifics of a chatbot solution capable of delivering the enhanced customer experiences, labor efficiencies, and cost savings that you are looking for. Here are the five key criteria to observe when choosing an enterprise AI chatbot for your business:

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Ability to Learn

When weighing your various chatbot options, consider the chatbot’s ability to learn on the job. The effectiveness of an AI bot is contingent on its ability to learn on the job as well as its knowledge base – just like an employee. Choose a chatbot that can use available documents, CRM data, knowledge bases, emails, and logs.


In the course of its existence, a chatbot, even if its self-learning, will face complex business requests that it will not be well prepared to deal with. Therefore, it’s important to choose a chatbot with high NLU (Natural Language Understanding) capabilities. A chatbot is only as effective as its ability to execute complex tasks and break down complex language.


After developing an intelligent bot for your enterprise, your next step should be figuring out how to deploy it quickly, safely, in a more scalable, secure way. Here, you will be looking for a solution with full integration. The most robust solution offers a behavior engine, NLU service, and a dialogue manager. Choose a chatbot that’s capable of living on voice assistants, mobile apps, websites, and messaging applications.

Continuous Learning (Training)

The ability to train a bot for future conversations is arguably the most important for evaluating an enterprise AI chatbot. The best AI chatbot will learn from every conversation, automatically. Choose a chatbot platform that minimizes human dependence in its continuous self-learning efforts.

Choosing an enterprise AI chatbot solution can be an arduous task. Listed above are the most important features to look for, consider all of them before you make a decision. Pricing is also a key consideration when choosing a chatbot solution, so how much are you willing to pay for it? Make sure that you are not compromising some of the key features mentioned above for a lower price.